Live Production & Streaming for Schools

Tips, tricks and tools for lecture capture, remote production and live video streaming in education. Improve your teachers’ and students’ remote learning and HyFlex experience

Thank you to everyone who joined us in eduStreamTV. Stay tuned for our next virtual event.

March 8, 2022
3:00 - 3:30 pm ET

Introducing eduStreamTV: Live Production & Streaming in Schools hosted by Gary Bettan - a NY Board of Education Member and "the Videoguy"

3:30 - 3:50 pm ET

Live stream graduations, award ceremonies, student news and sports, guest lectures, and classroom lessons to your community

Join Julian Bellman from Telestream for a live demo of Telestreams hardware and software solutions for Mac and PC as he introduces your classroom to Screenflow for Mac, Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro and the Wirecast Gear hardware - perfect for your student news room or broadcast studio. Whether you are broadcasting student news and sports, guest lectures, award ceremonies, or graduations, having access to a quality live streaming setup can open up new avenues for reaching your audience and engaging with your community. Starting from scratch can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand the basics, and offer suggestions that will help you to establish a successful, affordable live streaming setup.

3:50 - 4:10 pm ET

Equip your campus with the best-in-class video solutions from the Epiphan Pearl family

Meet your school’s video production needs with a lineup of flexible and scalable hardware for video capture, streaming, and recording – all centrally managed. Perfect for lecture capture, online learning programs, and more. Join Mathieu Renaud from Epiphan as he walks you through the Pearl family and its key integrations with Kaltura, Panopto, YuJa and more. Find the perfect fit appliance for your classroom or campus with the Epiphan Pearl with Mathieu Renaud, Senior Technical Specialist at Epiphan Video

4:10 -4:30 pm ET

Affordable production tools for the classroom—or classroom studio.
Sophisticated, teachable skills for the real world with NewTek Senior Sales Engineer, Alexander Udell.

4:30 pm ET

Videoguys Day 1 wrap-up and our top 10 tips for setting up a live production environment in schools.

We will announce the winner of the NewTek University "Live Production with TriCaster" class and certification exam, the Telestream Pro license, and the Epiphan HD

March 10, 2022
3:00 - 3:30 pm ET

Live Sports Production from the sideline to your audience wherever they might be. Tips and tricks in every aspect of the production to keep your fans engaged

3:30 - 3:50 pm ET

Captivate more viewers at your events—and beyond.
Gain a competitive advantage with 3Play with Chris Burgos, NewTek Senior Sales Engineer.

Venues looking to enhance the event atmosphere and extend their brands online, or broadcasters engaging audiences at home and increasing program exposure—anyone can use NewTek 3Play to make small events look like network-style shows and turn large events into experiences that audiences will never forget.


3:50 - 4:10 pm ET

LiveU Solo is the Opportunity to Get Real World Experience with the tools that Broadcasters use in the Field

Professional live streaming solutions for broadcast journalism programs, student events, fundraising and entertainment activities – home or away, stream sports team events and activities for year-round engagement. Join George Klippel from LiveU as he presents the LiveU Solo with SoloConnect modems and services. George holds over 30 years of experience in broadcast television, post-production, higher-education and corporate sectors. Previously, George was responsible for classroom technology and the distributed education experience at Carnegie Mellon University and Case Western Reserve University. George also worked as a freelance editor and cameraman with the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers.

4:10 pm ET

Videoguys Day 2 wrap-up and our top 10 tips for live sports production.

We will announce the winner of the NewTek University "3Play Operation" class and certification exam and the LiveU Solo HDMI with Solo Connect 2 Modem Bundle 

March 15, 2022
3:00 - 3:30 pm ET

Expanding your PTZ Camera Workflow with the newest tools and technology available today

3:30 - 3:50 pm ET

Introducing the HuddlecamHD SimplTrack Lite - An auto-tracking camera for every classroom

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite makes it easier than ever to deliver high-quality conferences or lectures with no camera operator – or expertise – required. HuddlecamHD and PTZOptics cameras are used to create many great audiovisual solutions for education. From live streaming sporting events to distance learning for university-level courses, PTZOptics has a lot to offer the educational space. You want want to miss this demo from Stephen Heywood of PTZOptics on the new SimplTack Lite.... and more.

3:50 - 4:10 pm ET

Meet the new MRMC Polymotion Chat Pro Auto-tracking Software with AI

Polymotion Chat is an easily deployable automated camera tracking solution that allows an operator to automate up to six presenter and guest camera positions. Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks subject movements and provides stable and natural-looking content. The camera agnostic automated subject tracking system is available for multiple broadcast and capture scenarios and works great with Panasonic, BirdDog, PTZOptics cameras and more! So whether you have simple tracking requirements or much more advanced large-scale studio needs, Polymotion Chat can help streamline and automate your work-flow.

4:10 - 4:30 pm ET

BirdDog PTZ Camera Range. Full NDI. No Compromises.

Join Eamon Drew from BirdDog to meet the full line of BirdDog PTZ cameras with full NDI and learn how your school can benefit from NDI production. NDI allows you to connect just 1 cable to every BirdDog PTZ camera for video, power and control and integrates seamlessly with the live production system of your choice. Access any camera in your class, building or campus quickly and easily with NDI. Learn about BirdDog's powerful color tools and the new CamControl software with FREE auto-tracking now available for every BirdDog PTZ camera.

4:50 pm ET

EduStreamTV conclusion with an opportunity to address any questions that came up during the summit and expand upon the live production solutions, NDI, IT infrastructure, PTZ cameras, sports production and replay systems, and more.


We will announce the winner of the  HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite and the BirdDog PF120 Box Camera. 

Congratulations to our prize winners!

Congratulations to Preston at the Ridley School District in PA for winning the NewTek University TriCaster training and certification, a $1,544 value and Garrett from the University of Hawaii for winning the NewTek University 3Play training and certification, a $1,144 value.


Congrats to Jeff at Center Moriches School District in Long Island, NY​ for winning the HuddelCamHD  SimplTrack Lite auto-tracking camera, a $1,499 value. 



Congrats to Adam from the Marysville School District in Lake Stevens, WA for winning the  Telestream Wirecast Pro license, a $799 value.



Congrats to Scott at Cerville University in Ohio for winning the Epiphan HD capture card, a 499.94 value.



Congrats to Scott fromSmithfield Public Schools in Rhode Island for winning the LiveU Solo with Solo Connect 2 Modem Bundle, a $1,445 value. 






 Congrats to Janice at Notre Dame of Maryland University for winning the BirdDog PF120 full NDI box camera, a $1,295 value.  




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